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Application Status is still "Pending" or "Submitted" at 3 Schools. I need to make a decision for another school soon. Assume Denied at these 3?


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Hello everyone,


I have been rejected from 7/10 schools. I have yet to hear back from 3 final schools. I emailed the admissions department hoping to get an update at all three schools and have heard back from one. They said my status is still "pending," that they were reviewing apps, and that I should hear back by the end of April or early May with a decision. Since it is almost April and I have heard nothing, I had assumed I was already rejected from these schools and that contacting them would just give me a final confirmation so I could move on with my life. I never thought it was even possible schools are still reviewing apps at the moment. The app deadlines for these programs were in December/early January. I know that the interview weekends for all 3 schools have passed, and the results page shows people have already been admitted. 


The problem is I have been admitted by an MA program I am interested in that wants to know by 4/15/15 if I will be enrolling. Obviously it is a long shot to get into a PhD program at the moment. However a small part of me says "what if I get randomly accepted by a PhD program after I've already accepted at the MA?" What would I do then? Is that even possible? I keep reading all the "it's not over until it's over" comments on here and basically I don't know what to do now. Is it wrong of me to assume I have been rejected by these three schools? Should I be waiting for confirmation before accepting the MA? What do I do if I don't get confirmation before 4/15?


Any help is appreciated. Thanks everyone.  -_-

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I've heard of some applicants successfully asking for their masters program deadlines to be extended, especially if the program would not be giving you financial support. It wouldn't hurt to ask, at least.


I do think it's odd that a PhD program would tell you they would get back to you after April 15, though. Is it possible that they mean they will get back to you on whether you will get an offer to their masters-level track?


Either way, good luck!

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