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MSW with Intl Human Rights/Migration- Penn v. Columbia?


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I am looking to do an MSW with a macro focus (program and community organization) that incorporates international/global social work. I have a strong interest in migration and human rights (did a summer course at York Univ Toronto on refugee issues and might go back there after MSW for Grad Diploma) and would like to try to incorporate this into my coursework. At Columbia, an International Social Welfare minor would allow me to take ~ 9 credits at SIPA. At Penn, there is an interdisciplinary Global Human Rights Certificate that allows courses from the law, business, and social policy schools- it sounds very intriguing but it doesn't seem so well known. I'm quite split on the two schools in other areas but wanted to see if anyone had any input on either of these programs to enhance the experience.


I'm also considering Denver and that is more focused on sustainable development and environmental issues, but it would have a similar setup with classes at Korbel but for some reason, I'm not as jazzed about Denver (partly because it's lower ranked, though I know that doesn't matter much with SW). I wish I hadn't been so discouraged in pursuing International Development instead of social work as I think I would have been fine in a program like Korbel has.


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