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Professor Lost Tenure Vote


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I am a first year PhD barely 8 months into my program and the Professor whom I have been working with since starting my degree did not earn the confidence of the University in securing a tenure position today (he's been an Assistant Professor for five years and the vote for his tenureship was held yesterday. I learnt the department gave him their fullest support but the "No" vote came from the University). 


Sad to say, but this has been a gloomy day in our research lab since the news broke this afternoon. Although my professor sent out an email to members of his lab informing us of the news and the fact that the Dean of Engineering would work to situate every PhD student in the University, I am literally confused as to what the future holds. 


The University has given the advisor till May 2016 to look for other jobs.


This was not what I planned for when I was coming to graduate school and I am literally confused on what to do.


I would appreciate your advice.





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It happens all the time. Once your advisor figures out what he is doing, so can you. He should still be able to advise you from another university if he gets another job, or you can go with him to that university. YOu can also choose another advisor. Conversely, you can ask your department to help you find another PhD position with someone in your field at another school.


If your advisor is good, and your dept/uni is good, then they will back you. I've seen this a lot and most of the time it actually works out (its just sorta a pain). 

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