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Industrial Engineering, Confused which college to Choose NYU, Buffalo

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I need help and some advice on this topic. So far I have gotten 5 admits for Industrial Engineering NYU, UMASS Amherst , SUNY Buffalo, UIC and University of Arizona. I have shortlisted it down to NYU and SUNY Buffalo.

I know buffalo has one of the best depts but i dont know whether i should base my choice on the department only or take other factors into consideration



Big city lots of opportunities, NYU brand name and rank of the engineering college are all higher. Also more flexibility in the course, able to take courses from other colleges of NYU.



No separate industrial engg dept and I cant find a dept rank in US news and world report. Industrial engg comes under technology of management and innovation department.


Buffalo Pros.

One of the best depts in the country ,

overall college engineering rank is #59

NYU Engineering is #47


But location is another factor im guessing for opportunities maybe not as much as NYC. Also buffalo is rigid with the course load as we have to specialize in one Specialization out of 3 and are left to take only 3 electives of our choice.


I know NYU poly was an ok university before it merged with NYU but now the overall college and rank of the engg college are in the top 50. Also it has the reputation of having the toughest course loads. We get degrees from NYU since were officially part od the university.


I think NYU engineering will only get better in the coming years.


Please do advice as this is one of the most confusing things i Have to choose. My views might be wrong too. Please feel free to comment.

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