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How to analyze entrepreneurship with sociology's tools?


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Hello everyone,

I now wonder about entrepreneurship. In particular, why an entrepreneur want to create?
I began by identifying the qualities needed to undertake. Then, I searched for tools of human sciences to analyze these qualities:

1) Opening to others (communication, ability to convince):
The Jacobson’s communication model shows that it is important to change to change his ideas based on the receiver. An entrepreneur should not be narrow-minded

2) Passion
Thanks to the Maslow pyramid, we can demonstrate that a passionate entrepreneur can more easily reach the last level (auto completion) that any person. This may explain the following fact: many people who are employees leave their work to undertake but few do the opposite.

3) Determination (Capacity to implement)
Turn an idea into business

4) Curiosity

5) Pragmatism

My questions are:

- Do you know any other human sciences tools to analyze these points?
- Do you have other qualities to add? And how to analyze them?

PS : I am learning english, so do not hesitate to corrige me if you see horrible mistakes.

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