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MEng in Petro @ Tulsa


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Hello everyone


I received an admit in Petroleum Engg. from University of Tulsa but had the following queries regarding the admission process. I would be grateful if you could answer them for me :

  1. Though I applied to the thesis-based Masters, but I have been accepted into the non-thesis Masters program. Is such a program any good? If yes, then what are the prospects (job, research)? If not, then is it generally possible to get the program changed at a later point of time? ( I have the option of deferring the admission till Fall '16)
  2. Are students in non-thesis based Masters generally awarded funding? Since I am an international student, funding is essential for me to go anywhere.
  3. How is University of Tulsa for Petro? I primarily applied here because it had a cheap application fee (around $30 I guess, but they have been the most helpful with my application)
  4. On the whole, is enrolling in Grad School in Petro at this time a good idea?

Thanks in advance

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