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UVA Summer Latin Institute

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Hello, GCers!


I'm looking to attend an intensive summer Latin program to prepare me to pass my departmental exam in August. I have minimal Latin experience. Though I'm primarily interested in CUNY's Summer Latin Institute, they won't have admission information until after April 15th, and NY housing is tough to find at late notice. Therefore, I'm looking at UVA's similar program. 


If anyone has attended or knows someone who has attended the intensive summer classics program at UVA, I would appreciate information about its quality and effectiveness. As I'm looking to complete this part of my foreign language in one stroke, I want to know how difficult and sophisticated the program is. If it helps give information, I'll say that my PhD program is an Ivy. 


Many thanks in advance, GC folks!



JC (Not that one)

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Does your institution not offer summer language classes?  I would look there first (especially since it's an Ivy).  I'm trying to take summer Latin to refresh my skills in the language, but my PhD institution offers intensive summer language classes for free for grad students.


If you have any interest in medieval stuff, maybe join the Medieval Academy and take a look at these scholarships for certain programs, among which CUNY is included (these programs may be worth looking at regardless):




The UVA program looks fine to me.   Lots of schools have similar programs.  UChicago's might be worth looking at too: https://summerlanguages.uchicago.edu/


There are also books designed for teaching yourself Latin that you could charge through if you have that sort of time/self-discipline.

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Thanks for the reply! I get the sense the UVA program might work, but I wanted to put feelers out there for anyone's personal experience. I'll look into Chicago's--it was off my radar, for whatever reason.

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