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Help! Columbia or Cornell or UTAustin or USC (ece and cs)


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I got admitted into the four programs(ce@columbia(MS), ece@Cornell(Meng), ece@UTAustin(MS) and cs@USC(MS)) and I really need some suggestions about which one I should choose. I want to concentrate on software and find a job after graduation. Cornell and UT has very high ranking in CE. Cornell might be better because it is Ivy league. However, the degree for Cornell is Meng, which is not a transitional MS degree. Also, the major for USC is CS, so maybe it will be easier to find a job. Thus, can anyone give me some suggestions? Will it be easier to find a job if the school is Ivy league? Thank you very much!


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I agree with grindian to go with Cornell or UTA. With Cornell you will definitely get interview calls from all top companies. Then it is for you to convert it. UTA is also same but Cornell is slightly ahead in my opinion.

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