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Is it generally easier for American citizens/residents to get accepted into MS CS programs?


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So I've talked to a few people who've applied to computer science master's programs. Whenever I talk to international students, it seems really tough to get into a decent program. However, when I talk to my American friends, it didn't seem like they had too much trouble getting into good programs. I'm not saying that it was easy for them, but the Americans who had been accepted had good profiles, but were not stellar, geniuses. On the other hand, the international students' profiles seem much more impressive, on paper at least. Are my observations true? Is it easier for Americans to get accepted into MS CS programs? I could imagine public universities doing this, but do private schools do it as well?

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That is true but the reason is different.

Universities rate degrees from american universities more than degrees from outside. Even international students who have bachelor/master degree from america get in to good programs for Master/PhD.

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