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Anyone got anything from UCSD Bioengineering?

Josh ZZX

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It is already April! I still get nothing from UCSD Bioengineering department.


Kind of worried.....feeling that I am going to be reject. I applied for UCSD Bioengineering M.S., sent email asking aboutapplication status yesterday, but no one replied.  


Sigh. BTW, just received an AD from Cornell Biomedical Engineering M.Eng, any comments about that program? 

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There's a BME/Bioeng thread here if you'd like to join:



It says PhD but I'm sure some are MS/MEng applicants too. It might not be too helpful, but I applied for PhD and got my rejection a few weeks ago. I know they had some sort of hold-up in the admissions process (coordinator broke her arm or something, I'm uncertain of the details), so they're taking longer than usual. The results page also shows some recent acceptances/rejections for the MS program. 

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Yeah~ thanks a lot for your reply~ finally find some comrade applying for BE!

It is already almost the last week… still waiting for ad/rej from UCSD MS… hope everything will be ok! Fighting!

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