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Edited Volume on the Language of Race and Gender

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Hello all:


I am in the process of putting together a proposal for an edited book comprised of scholarly narratives from established scholars and young, burgeoning scholars in the intersecting fields of language, race, and gender. The subtitle of this proposed text, tentatively, is "Youngins and Old Heads Talk Language, Race, and Gender." I imagine the collection will incoporate a kind of intergenerational exchange of ideas, ideologies, etc. on the topics, the value of the text being the dialogic, cross-generational exchange consolidated into one book.


I am looking, then, for a co-editor to engage in this process with me. I am looking for a committed grad student or recent grad who exhibits erudition in their scholarship (preferably with at least one publication on one of the subjects at hand), stick-to-it-ness, time maintenance dexterity, energy, and passion. This project will require a great deal of time and scholarship, both of which I am indeed willing to put in, and I would like a co-editor who will be just as passionate and committed.


As co-editing a text requires at least a small vestige of commonality, my academic profile is as follows: I am in Cornell University's English Ph.D. program focusing broadly on the topics of African American Studies and Gender Studies. My particular areas of concentration include philosophy of race and the co-constitutivity of race, gender, and sexuality, and my work covers the topics of racial and gendered scripts, the historical trajectory of Black feminist thought and articulations of Black male feminist thought, and African American atheism. By the end of the year I will have published two journal articles and four book chapters, all of which is outlined in my CV which I can and will send once I hear back from interested scholars, as well as a more thorough proposal of the project.

I truly hope you all are enjoying your programs and are engaging in rewarding work.


If you are interested, or know someone who may be interested, please leave me a message on here or send an email to mb2444[at]cornell.edu


Be well and live thoughtfully,


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Please don't publish the same post multiple times. Your other posts have been removed.


I am not entirely convinced that this board is an appropriate place to recruit a co-editor, but I am going to leave this here for now. 

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