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Choosing between 6-8 admission offers of "M.S in Construction Management"


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I am an international student with undergraduate education in Civil Engineering, who has applied to the M.S programs in Construction Management. What follows is the summary of my admission status for the aforementioned programs:

1. University of Florida: M.S in Construction Management (Admitted)

2. Arizona State University: M.S in Construction Management (Admitted)

3. University of Michigan: M.S in Construction Engineering and Management (Admitted)

4. Colorado State University: M.S in Construction Management (Admitted)

5. Michigan State University: M.S in Construction Management (Admitted)

6. Oregon State University: M.S in Construction Engineering Management (Admitted)

I am awaiting for the admission decisions for the following programs:

1. University of Washington: M.S in Construction Management (Awaiting admissions decision)

2. Texas A&M University: M.S in Construction Management (Awaiting admissions decision)

I was wondering if anyone has any information about the above-mentioned programs (all 8 programs)? I want to know which program (considering all 8 programs) has a better industry reputation and offers higher quality education. In other words, graduates of which construction school (At graduate level) has consistently demonstrated to be broadly trained, highly skilled, and well-prepared for the challenges of construction industry? Moreover, top construction companies of the U.S mostly recruit graduates of which above-mentioned programs/construction schools? Thanks in advance for your help.

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