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UCLA PhD Decision : Still waiting


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I am totally freaking out !! Its 1st week of April already.


Are there other PhD aspirants who are still waiting to hear from the UCLA admissions committee?

I have not even received an interview opportunity.


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What program did you apply for? The likelihood of an interview at this point (April) is probably very small. April 15 is the unofficial "cutoff" date on which accepted students are expected to accept or decline offers of admittance, waitlisted students are admitted (or not), etc. So if you haven't heard a thing by now, especially about being on a waitlist or alternate list, it's probably not looking good. 

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They started second batch of interviews in late February and early March. In those meeting, we were told the decisions should be available by the end of March. However, it seems that none of us have received their decisions. I contacted my POI last Monday and he replied that their process was still ongoing.


If you really want to know your application status, you may contact the department. They would let you know whether your are waitlisted or rejected.

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