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Robotics MS - WPI vs JHU


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Hello, I seriously need your help.

I am lucky enough to have two robotics MS admissions from two great schools, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Johns Hopkins University. I am not sure which school I should choose.

My background: BS in ME, international student

Some of my considerations: (besides rankings and cost... )

  • location: Boston vs Baltimore - Which one has more job/internship opportunities? Especially for a foreign student.

  • Quality of graduate school: Especially, WPI’s undergraduate education has been critically acclaimed, but how is the education in WPI grad schools?

  • This is probably the most important to me. I am afraid that I am not very interested in medical or surgical robots. Fields interest me include Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), algorithms, machine learning, etc. What I want to do is to explore the space between social sciences and robotics. How is the HRI research in WPI and JHU?

  • Also, is it necessary to have a PhD to work in HRI field in industry? I am not going to pursue a PhD, if the answer is yes, I might re-consider my research direction.

I would like to thank you for any comments.

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Hi, I run into almost the same dilemma here.

I got ms admissions in robotics from WPI, JHU and UMD, all fair choices to study robotics.

Would you be kind enough to share your experience? Which school did you choose and what are your considerations?

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