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GRE in 2 months - Preparing


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Hello all,

I'm a French student about to complete my BSc. in the UK next year, and wishing to apply to grad school in the US (computer science).

I have learned only very recently about all the intricacies of admission, and therefore I only have 2 months to prepare for the GRE.

Has anyone achieved good/great scores within 2 months or less? How'd you recommend to prepare?

Also, if anyone could give me the references to 2-3 books I could use to prepare efficiently, that would be very appreciated.

There are dozens of books available, and I don't want to lose money and time by buying and using mediocre ones. What are the few definite indispensable books?


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Don't worry about your verbal score, just make sure you don't bomb the quantitative section. I used Barron's to study for both sections and recommend it. The math in there is harder than on the real test, so you'll be all set.

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