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Dual PhD in Soc and Women's Studies?


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Hello all. 


I begin my MA program this fall and want to get a jump start on figuring out which PhD program(s) are the best fit for me. Currently I am slated to earn an MA in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies but am planning on (hopefully) adding Soc to my MA. I am very interested in doing the same for my PhD. A friend of mine suggested that I contact the programs I am interested in and ask if they are able and willing to enroll me as either a dual focus or a dual degree seeker. 


Does anyone know of any dual PhD programs? Which ones focus on qualitative or mixed methods research? 


Thanks in advance for any advice you are willing to share with me. 





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I'm not sure about the dual degree, but, UC Santa Barbara is widely known as the best program for gender and sex studies. Berkeley is excellent too because there is some interdisciplinary work being done between rhetoric, soc, and comp. lit (they have Butler). Also, CU Boulder does a certificate in Women's Studies that can be attached to the PhD. 


At most programs you can study Feminist Epistemology and other approaches; these can augment your degree.  

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I'm starting a joint degree in the fall -- a PhD in Sociology, with a MA in Gender Studies, at SUNY Albany. I know it's not your ideal in terms of a dual PhD, but the interplay between the departments was what cemented my choice to attend. I was seeking similar programs to you, and this fit worked best for me. Otherwise, I haven't seen a comparative marriage between the two.

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Michigan used to have a dual Soc + Women's Studies PhD program. I don't think the official dual degree is still offered, but there are some great sociologists at Michigan who do work on gender and sexuality. I would highly recommend checking out the Sociology department.

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