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HELP!!SAIS DC (IDV), Cornell MPA, Sciences PO or IHEID?


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Really need advice on making a decision between SAIS DC (IDV), Cornell MPA, Sciences PO (international public management) or The Graduate Institute of Geneva.


I know SAIS probably seems the optimal choice here, but I'm really leaning towards Sciences Po. I don't speak french but the program is in english and it would be a great opportunity to learn french.

On the other hand, Cornell has the whole Ivy League thing and IHEID is in Geneva, whee a lot of headquarter of major international organizations are located.


Does anyone have any advice? Which program is better and does the school ranking really matter that much? I'd really appreciate some comments. Thanks!!!

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IHEID has compulsory French classes if you really want to learn the language. It really depends on where you want to work at the end of the day though. If you want to work anywhere outside of Europe, then I would go with SAIS. It has a better overall reputation. Nobody outside of the Geneva bubble knows much about IHEID. Although Sciences Po is considered the best Grande École in France, it is no match for SAIS. If your plan is to work in Europe, then IHEID or Sciences Po are cheaper. But if in doubt, go with the name. That's what employers care most about.

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I similarly got into IHEID. But I've spoken to a few alums who came back to the US after and 3/5 said they'd have picked an American program if they'd had some funding available. On the other hand they also had the fact they'd been in Geneva for 2 years quite well received despite the fact that people didn't know the program by name. 

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