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Need info on MAs/MS in Media, Communication and Development

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My name is Ludi Nsimba and I'm currently living in Cameroon, Africa serving in the US Peace Corps (year 2013 to 2015). I'm a health volunteer where my duties are varies from strengthening the community knowledge and skills in disease prevention, and reproductive health, nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene to working with my community to reduce HIV/AIDS and other disease-related stigma. As well, to promote life skills, positive health practices and use of health facilities. Prior of me joining the Peace Corps, I was living in New York City where I worked as a case worker in the HIV/AIDS field doing advocacy. However, my side projects were freelance work in the music entertainment: writer for AfroMuzik.com; doing PR work and host interviews for Beats-n-Rhythm.com and personal assistant work for music video director. As I have one year left of service, I will like to return to school and earn my degree in media and development. I know there are many options and directions to go in that field; however, I am seeking advice on how and where to start. But in general, I will like to apply to LSE graduate degree in Media and Development. I'm not familiar with other graduate schools with that program in NYC, D.C , L.A or Boston. If so, please inform me. Thank you for your time and cooperation.




Ludi Nsimba

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