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Georgia Tech, USC, or Oregon State for MS


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I'm trying to decide which school to attend. For Georgia Tech and U of Southern California it would be for a MS in Electrical Engineering, and for Oregon State its a MS in Robotics. USC and Georgia Tech are both incredible schools with some great research labs for robotics, but they are also very expensive. OSU is definitely the most affordable option, tuition and living expenses wise, and I'm also pretty confident I could get a GA position there, the program doesn't exactly have the name recognition that the other 2 have though, and though Corvallis is a nice town, I was kinda hoping to live in a bigger city. 


I'm from Ohio so GT would be the closest, but its also always been my dream to be a Disney Imagineer, so USC would be best for that. OSU would be the most affordable and there Robotics program is pretty good, but I'm a little worried since the program is a part of the school of Mechanical Engineering, and I would really like to do more with the EE/CS side of robotics. 


Getting the money to pay is not really an issue, my dad is willing to loan me the money, for a much lower interest rate than a bank would offer me, but I will have to pay him back, and I don't necessarily want to be in debt to my dad for years and years, but I also don't want to miss the opportunity to get the best education possible. 


If anyone has any feedback or knows anyone in any of these programs, any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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