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Bioengineering MS @UPenn vs UCSD

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Hey all,


I just got admission to Penn's Bioengineering MS program today. I currently have many options for MS but I narrowed down to UCSD and UPenn.


I want to continue to PhD program after MS and my research interest is computational bioengineering and biomechanics (I know they are kinda different but I'm still in the process of deciding which I want to pursue). 


I kept UCSD because 1) its program is top-ranked (#3) in Bioengineering 2) they claimed to have a 60% success rate if a MS student wants to petition to join PhD after 1 year 3) the weather and location are just perfect. But I'm kinda worrying about funding because I heard UC generally doesn't do very well on funding...

I kept UPenn because of its reputation and the fact that as a private school it wouldn't face as many funding issues as UCSD. Its Bioengineering program is also very great (#6-ish). I've been to SD multiple times and visited the campus but I don't know much about UPenn and Philly in general.


Any advice would be awesome! Thanks a lot!



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