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Physics B.S to Computer M.S? Any chance for financial aid?


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So I got my ungraduate degree in Physics. I'm international.


I want to get a MS in Computer Science in the USA. I need financial aid.


I have a fairly low GPA (2.8/4), but I have strong research background (involving a lot of programming) and great recommendation letters.


Is there any chance for me to find a university somewhere in the USA that can I get into with this background? I just want to switch careers and I know it's impossible for me to get into a good MS program, but do I have any chance at low tier schools?


I know it's too late but I'd prefer to start in Fall 2015, but Spring 2016 is fine too.

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Hey I think I posted some of these schools on another one of your posts, but these are schools that are schools that are lenient towards non-CS people and also have decent financial aid.


Schools that give 50 percent tuition waiver

- Brandeis 

- Syracuse

- Rochester


Schools that give some financial aid

- NYU Poly


Though I'm not sure if this also applies for international students, you should check with these schools individually.

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