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Syracuse's Atlantis Transatlantic Dual Degree Program - any thoughts?


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Deciding between the Maxwell MAIR/MPP Atlantis program that would have me in Berlin for year 2 vs the Georgetown MPP program. The Atlantis program is relatively new, so I'm curious if anyone here has any personal experience or know someone who has. Weighing the pros and cons of each and really struggling to decide due to the vastly different nature of the two programs. Oddly, Syracuse has been no help, refusing to send me information on the program until next week (once decisions are in). Would really appreciate any insight from those familiar with the program.

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I know they just had a meeting with Hertie about the program this week, so they probably were genuinely not blowing you off but didn't want to offer incomplete information until some details were finalized.  I think if you follow back up tomorrow or next week they be more helpful.

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