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NUS or USC for Chemical Engineering?


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Hey, I'm in need of help. I have got admits from both University of Southern California and National University of Singapore for Masters in Chemical Engineering for FALL 2015. Having asked my colleagues at Indian Institute of Science for their opinion, every one of them advised me to choose USC over NUS. The reason I am confused is because NUS is very highly ranked according to QS (5th worldwide) for chemical. But i will also have to look at the job market as well, which is larger in the USA.


I am mostly looking for a job after my M.S, so which do you think is a better option for me? Will having a degree from NUS give me an edge over others in terms of jobs?

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NUS is well known in Asia, but USC is a more recognizable school in the US. Where do you want to work in the future? I dont know about ChemEng specifically, but finding a job in Asia is generally easier for those with good STEM degrees, mostly because getting a work visa in the US is very difficult unless you are highly skilled.

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