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Prof asked to interview me, now I'm having trouble getting ahold of him


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So here's my situation. I'm currently finishing up my masters (and that's a tale for another day) and have applied to a few universities for PhD.


Feb 27 I was emailed by a postdoc who wanted to interview me on behalf of his prof who was inundated with grant applications and whatnot. We spoke on March 4, that went well, and I was told that if I was successful, I would hear from the prof himself. The following week (Mar 13) the prof himself responded to me that he wanted to have a follow-up conversation with me about it.


I replied that Sunday (Mar 15) letting him know I was free any time. I heard nothing, so I sat on my hands for a week and on Mar 23rd, sent another reply letting him know that once again I was available that week if he wanted to talk. He informed me he would let me know but was on his way to a conference. This time I gave two weeks, and yesterday (April 7) called twice, about an hour apart, leaving a voicemail the second time, and sent a follow up email about an hour later as well.


His voicemail mentioned an assistant that I have not contacted and I have likewise not emailed the postdoc since our previous conversation.


Is there anything left that I should do about this? How should I take this? 


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