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UI Chicago vs. U Oregon for Geometry/Topology PhD

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Does anyone have opinions on these two schools? Which has the better reputation? I do ultimately want to become a mathematician, and I want to maximize those chances. I'm also interested in Math Logic, but only UIC has that.

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Do these programs have any famous professors in the field of geometry/topology? A good way to tell is by searching number of journal citations and amount of NSF grant money. If your hope is to become a mathematician, your chances would be maximized by working with a famous advisor who has a successful track record of advising PhD students and placing them in desirable postdocs and TT academic jobs (you should look up these alumni too on Google, LinkedIn, etc. to see where they have ended up). This increases your chances of getting good postdocs, references, etc.


For reference:


NSF Awards Search: http://www.nsf.gov/awardsearch/advancedSearchResult?

Math Genealogy: http://www.genealogy.ams.org/

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