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Cancer biology vs Microbiology MS


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All are fully funded and location doesn't matter.


A) UIUC (Illinois) Pathobiology in the Vet School. Very interesting work, nice, eager and new PI (but has never had students), would learn a lot of virology and gene techniques. Studying influenza in mammals, may have human applications as the greater goal. RA no TA. Very small department as a whole.


B) Purdue Basic Medical Sciences in the Vet School. Studying drug effects on human tumors. Would learn a lot of microscopy, cell culture, and gene work. PI is senior and nice. No other students at the moment. RA, no TA. Very small department as a whole.


C) IUPUI  Indianapolis Biology studying a protein in a popular bacteria that has growing antibiotic resistance. Would learn a lot of bacteriology, protein and gene work. PI is mid-career and nice. Lots of students, lab may be crowded.  TA in 2nd year most likely. Larger department than A and B. Near medical school which is useful.



In regards to immediate job prospects right after the MS with no Phd, which is most lucrative? I am equally interested in all of them- I have experience in micro and cancer. Please help! 

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