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CS PhD. Better Rep for School vs. Already established advisor


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The schools are not that high ranked, Temple University vs UMass Boston, but the advisors are pretty neat.


- good advisor but he is at the start of the road, doesn't have a team yet so can't speak of any results yet; from what I've talked with other students he seems pretty involved in students' affairs and tries to be there for them, but as I said no one that graduated a PhD with him yet

- the city not the safest in the world, the university is in a safe area I suppose, but the general vicinity of it not that great

- housing might be a problem...

- better program for Distinguished Speakers, the facilities are really great


- better known advisor in the field, already know someone who studies under him and is on his way to get the PhD in one year. Started publishing early, the advisor was pretty hands on when it come to managing and helping him all around from what I understand.

- safer city (maybe), might get help with finding housing

The money are comparable, though Philadelphia is cheaper than Boston. I am really not sure what to choose, the advisor from Philly really wants me to go there but I have the safety issue as one of the hold backs and the other aspects too. The one from Boston has been also very helpful too.

So any thoughts?

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