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US Citizen Vs. Permanent Resident Effect on Applications


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I was wondering if anybody knows whether US Permanent Residents are treated the same or differently in graduate school admissions compared to US Citizens.

Last time I checked, I read that a lot of training grants are for US Citizens, but I wasn't sure if that rolled over to Permanent Residents, too.

I ask because I'm eligible to become a US Citizen in August, but according to the USCIS application wait times, there is a back log a year long, so I might not even be a citizen until after decisions come out for graduate schools in March 2016. I actually took a year off between undergraduate and grad school to not only get more research experience, but to also draw out the time so that I could be a citizen before applying (which would have happened if it was automatic, but it's not, and there's that backlog).



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I'm a permanent resident and the admissions haven't really brought it up (see my sig). Now the only issue you will have is applying to any military (i.e. DoD) fellowships or anything with a need for some sort of security clearance. But many training grants are open to both citizens and permanent residents. 

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