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Financial Management for the second year for MS (NCSU-CS)

Sudhansu Singh

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I have few doubts about the financial management for the second year.
I recently got admit from NCSU for CS course.
The first year fee including living and tuition is around 43k $(~27lac). The university is asking to fill CFR with proof for this much amount. I am considering to take loan equivalent to first year fees.
Here is the summary of of my finances:
Total expenses for first year(as asked by university) :
40000 $ ~ 27 lac INR
Loan Amount = 27 lac
Mortgage for loan - two houses (one having value ~16 lac INR another having ~35 lac INR)
I am arranging a in principle letter for loan from bank to get the I20.

1) Bank loan comes under liquid money , right ?

The problem is for VI in which i must show at least 1.5 times the I20 amount ~ 40 lac INR.
But I don't have any saving balances/FD , neither does any member of my family.
I have my own elder brother who is employed in a MNC at London.

2) Can he be my sponsor for the second year. And in that case what documents other than (Annual Salary slip, tax slip, Affidavit ) of him we need to show at VI? As he does not have any savings/FD, does he necessarily need to show some property document?

Also, he(my brother) has a flat at Bangalore and also in London. But both homes are on loan.

3) Can we show the valuation for any of those home during VI as non liquid asset. 

Please add your valuable responses.

Thank you,

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