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North Carolina State U Marine PHD


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I was accepted to the NCSU MEAS department and I was wondering if anyone could give me their 2 cents on the program. I am an ecologist and am most likely going to attend here.... but everyone seems to be talking about Duke or UNC. What is the school like? Is the program a second-class citizen to Duke and UNC (so says my current advisor... I do not know how true this is)? I am not from the area- so any advice would be super helpful


Thank you!

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NCSU is well known for its math and engineering. It has a decent biology program and chemistry but both are severely having funding cuts from the state and biology is reorganizing its departments and cutting several (for example biochem is being rolled into another dept so they took no biochem students this year)

It's still a top 100 school for biology sciences but that's not its strong point.

I live in NC and have completed my BS and MS in this state

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