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Wharton/SAIS Joint MA/MBA Program

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I am currently admitted to SAIS (ERE) starting next fall. I am considering applying to Wharton/Tuck/INSEAD for the dual degree MA/MBA program. The joint program would add another year to the degree and be an additional ~$70K plus opportunity costs. If I am interested in energy in the private sector, how much would the MBA improve i) my job prospects, and ii) my salary. In other words, is it worth the costs? As BG, I have 4 years of work experience, 710 GMAT, and 3.8 GPA from a Top 50 undergrad.

p.s. I also posted this in the Business forum, but figured you guys would have a much different perspective.

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I was also admitted to SAIS and from what I can gather an MBA would be a perfect complement to a SAIS degree. SAIS will probably not give you recruiting and business skills. For your first job, the MBA will put you in the right spot. the SAIS degree will come in handy later, in your subsequent jobs, especially if you intend to enter the public sector in executive roles. My two cents.  

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Thanks @ir393, I hadn't thought of it in those terms that the MBA is more useful in the short-term, and SAIS in the long term. I would like to enter the public or non-profit sectors after I pay back my loans. Does that mean that you are also planning on applying to MBA programs?

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