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GRE Lit not required?

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Does anyone know what programs out there do not require the GRE Lit?

For the record, I'm not making my *fit* decisions based on this piece, by any means. I am just interested, and the folks on this forum are so knowledgeable, I thought it was worth asking around.

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I'm going off of the top of my head, and my recollections are at least two years old, so please do check them:



WashU (optional, maybe?)

Buffalo (again, perhaps optional?)

Also, even if your scores are low, I wouldn't let the lit GRE alone stop you from applying to schools that do "require" them. Some programs that technically ask you to send in the scores do not consider them at all, or barely glance at them during the admissions process. This obviously varies from school to school (and asking the grad admin might not give you the "real" answer, merely the official one).

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English literature is an "off-shoot" of rhetoric, not vice versa.

Do you mean Rhetoric departments in general, or specifically the Berkeley Rhetoric department? B/c the department at Berkeley is not a traditional RhetComp department. (At least, that's how it seems from my research, but please tell me if you know something I do not.)

I realize that "off-shoot" may have sounded flip or dismissive of the programs I was referencing; I didn't mean to! Many of those are the departments in which I am the most interested.

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I meant the history of the discipline is based in rhetorical studies. Literature came from the division of rhetoric into the modern social sciences and humanities. Thus, I thought it important to note that rhet preceded lit as a discipline by about 2300 years.

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