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VCU vs. UPenn MSW Program


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So VCU has been my number one choice for an MSW program, thinking I wouldn't get into UPenn but I did. Now I'm stuck between the two. I recently went to an open house at UPenn thinking it would give me my moment of clarity - but now i'm just as torn between the two of them as I was before. And my decision for UPenn is due on Wednesday, April 15th (so i'm freaking out). I want to work with adult trauma survivors and/or military veterans and want to pick the best program that will provide me with those opportunities. I feel like they are relatively about the same, but I think the "Ivy league" edge is getting to my head and making me ask questions. People keep telling me to go with UPenn but I honestly am struggling. Each time I look at my pros cons list i think i have a final decision...and then I look at it again. 


Any advice would be wonderful and much appreciated!

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