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Dalhousie BSW/MSW


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Just had a couple questions about Dalhousie School of Social Work's acceptance, it is my first round applying and have done so for their BSW fall start, 2015.


When did you all hear about this? 


I'm getting quite nervous considering everything in the news about Dal this year (I am currently a student, a Gender & Women Studies major) and I'm concerned about this affecting who they will accept for the program. After much debate I decided not to mention the dentistry scandal, because I didn't want to imply anything negative about the school or the program. 


I am in my second year of university, started in BSW at York, then moved back home to Nova Scotia for personal reasons. My GPA collectively for York was an A, and I made the honour roll/deans list. First semester at Dal was rough, I was taking a lot of psych courses. I got a C+ in one course and dropped another with a W. I did explain in my letter that I absolutely hate the psychology approach and that's what affected my marks. However, I am teedering a B+/A- in a few classes and have an A- or A in all others. I definitely think I have the B- required. 


I have lots of volunteer experience, volunteering with the People With Aids foundation of Toronto for 1.5 years. Also, I have experience working with the YMCA in their strong kids summer program, and am currently working at an elementary school for their after school/lunch program. I have lots of other experience from when I was a teenager working with various Cancer foundations.


However, I believe the real strength of my application lies in my personal letter/references. I submitted three, one from my supervisor at the PWA (volunteer), one from my boss at the YMCA (work) and another from my SW prof at York (PhD in SW). All of these were excellent references, not sure if they will consider all 3 as only two were required. My letter was also good, drawing a lot from my personal experience and what I have learned thus far about privilege/oppression and issues of race, madness, etc. 


I am also a queer person and applied under their affirmative action policy. I am hoping my application is strong, but I am very nervous as I have only applied to Dal. 


When/how did you find out?

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