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Waitlist question

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Hi guys, I tried to find this info on their website and using the search function, but I'm a bit confused. I know the deadline to accept offers is April 15th, but what time does that mean exactly. Midnight on the 14th? Noon on the 15th? The night of April 15th?

I have a good offer from program X, but am waitlisted at program Y and have been told that their decision could well come around noon on the 15th. Would waiting this long jeopardize my offer at program X? My fear is that I could wait for program Y, not be accepted off the waitlist, but have my offer at X rescinded because I missed the deadline.

Thanks for your help!

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My best guess is 5pm local time, since that's probably the end of the work day for graduate admissions/financial staff.


You could always email somebody at the program and tell them you will be hearing from another program at noon on the 15th and ask if that afternoon is too late to inform them of your decision. 

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