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Dysgraphia and GRE


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Hey all,


I  dysgraphia 

have been diagnosedwith since elementary school. That’s mean problems with spelling, among other writing difficulties. I did however finish my B.A and M.A with very high scores.

The GRE was a blow as the spell checker is deactivated and twice I got really low scores in the analytical writing section.

And here is my question to all the good people out there – is there a way around it? I am sure I am not the only person with this type of learning disability that is applying to grad school in the U.S. On the ETS website, there is nothing about it, and I will write them. I was also thinking that maybe there is a way to contact the schools to whom I am applying to so they will be able to considerate this type of disability. Any thoughts about it?


Thanks a lot!


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Don't feel discouraged by how daunting it may be given your circumstances. I'm aware that ETS gives accessible formatting of their tests to individuals who have similar cases such as yours. Take a look at this link here, and hopefully it will be helpful: https://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare/disabilities

The one caveat is that the length of time for you be registered to write the test might be lengthier. My friend was attempting to go through the same process, but found it challenging to correspond with ETS at a sufficient pace and she ended up taking the test in the regular format. Give yourself enough time to prepare not just for the GRE, but the administrative work that might go along with it!

Good luck!

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Thanks Decaf,


Yes, it does seem like a long process with ETS...I wrote them and I may need to do yet another official diagnosis, to send it over to them so they can approve it and so on.

Lets see...



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