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Waitlisted for Funding - Negotiating w/ Other Offers?


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Hey Grads,


I was blessed with three amazing acceptances this cycle.


1. Dream school - but waitlisted for funding.

2. Top 10 School - $30K+

3. Top 10 School - $30K+


After talking to current students, it seems like negotiating for funding is very possible and happens regularly, but my situation is a little different because I'm not going from a hard "no" to some funding; I'm technically on the waitlist for it.


How can I best formulate/word my negotiation email with my dreams school? My main concern is that it would be pretty easy for them to deflect by saying that I'm already waitlisted for funding.


I have everything down except for the key question where I ask them to take me off the waitlist and offer me more funding.

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I would just send an e-mail saying that you're very interested in their offer and that it is your top choice, however you will be unable to accept if you are not offered some funding. You can tell them that you have letters from x and y school for 30k+ and that their offer needs to be more competitive.

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