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Which one is better? Can anybody help me? :))


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I accepted from Pratt for the MFA(Painting and Drawing) last night,
and already accepted from SVA(MFA: Studio arts) and SAIC as a prior degree student.

As  you know, the enrollment deposits' deadline is 15th April,
(To me, It is only today!!! in SEOUL)

But I can not choose still.

Don't know which one is the better.

I majored in Literature/Mass Communication, so I already have two BAs.

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I was in a similar situation, from a non-arts background and accepted to SAIC as a prior degree, 


I declined Parsons, Pratt, SVA and SAIC due to better financial packages from MFA programs elsewhere.


For me, funding was the most important/limiting factor. I guess it all comes down to your priorities. 

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