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PhD in Sustainable Development options


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Hi all,


I am eyeing for PhD in Sustainable Development. It will be for the Fall 2016, so I am collecting some options. So far, I found two programs that I am interested in applying.


(1) PhD in Sustainable Development, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University

The core curriculum consists of around 10 core courses, plus two social science electives, and a coherent sequence of four natural science courses for a minimum total of 60 credits. In addition to course work, students participate in integrative seminars throughout the first three years of the program, and complete the MA thesis and take an Orals Exam (leading to the MPhil Degree), in addition to presenting and defending a PhD dissertation. Students have to fulfill a teaching and research requirement, entails six semesters of work as a teaching assistant (TA) or a research assistant (RA). A maximum of six students will be admitted every year.




(2) PhD in Sustainability Science, Lund University Centre of Excellence for Integration of Social and Natural Dimensions of Sustainability

LUCID research focuses on four global challenges expressed as research themes: climate change, biodiversity loss, land use change, and water scarcity. The call for applicants covers the following positions (you may apply to more than one):
1 PhD position in Human Ecology
1 PhD position in Human Geography
1 PhD position in Philosophy
1 PhD position in Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science
1 PhD position in Political Science
2 PhD positions in Sustainability Science



If anyone knows other programs offering similar program, please let me know. Or if there is anyone here took/is taking a PhD on Sustainable Development, I would love to hear your experience too. 



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