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2nd M.Ed or apply for Ph.D?


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Hello everyone! I have a quick question regarding my stats for graduate admissions. I am a current special education teacher interested in applying to Vanderbilt's Peabody College for either the M.Ed or Ph.D program in visual disabilities. (Due to geographical constraints this is my first choice of school.)

My stats are:

Undergrad gpa: 3.58

Grad gpa: 3.63 (M.Ed in sped, severe disabilities---originally I went to grad school for visual disabilities but my school dropped the program a year into my grad classes so I was forced into switching to another sped concentration)

GRE: took it years ago so I will retake ASAP (I can't even remember my old scores)

Work experience: 1.5 years in a technology services office for college students with disabilities, 2 years as a special education teacher, 1 year appointment as a graduate representative on a university committee for disability issues, and 1 year as a college prep program mentor for local high schoolers

I am very interested in transitioning into research/academia related to visual disabilities but currently only know a very basic amount of knowledge from what I've picked up from work. Are my stats ok for either the M.Ed or Ph.D? Should I go for the masters as a way to prove my worthiness for a Ph.D?

Thanks so much for the advice everyone!

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I can give you my opinion on this; however, it's just that--my opinion. If you are seriously interested in academia, another M.Ed is a waste of time. You need a doctorate to realistically pursue a career in academia. 


As far as admissions, without knowing all of you stats, (and even if I did) it's impossible to say if you'd be admitted into a PhD program. My advice would be to contact professors of interest, network with people in the program, write a really good statement of purpose and hope for the best. It's my opinion that many schools, including high ranked schools, care more about your statement and the "fit" with a certain professor in the department. 


My other thought is that if you are asking if you should pursue a PhD, are you really sure that's what you want to do? You're committed to 5-6 years of near poverty and overwork. 


Hope this helps.

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