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NYU-Poly vs UVa Masters in computer engineering. Help!!


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Hey guys!
I have been admitted to masters programs in computer engineering at NYU-poly and UVa and the admission offers at each school are as follows:
NYU-Poly: I have been admitted to the Masters of Science in computer engineering at NYU-Poly. I have received a graduate scholarship of $5000 per year. I maybe eligible for RA/TA-ships which is generally given after the first semester and that would mean no tuition fee.  
UVa: I have been admitted to Masters of Engineering in computer engineering at UVa. There is no scholarship or fellowship associated with this admission offer since master of engineering is a NO scholarship/fellowship program.
I am looking to study and work in the field of parallel computing and multi-core systems modelling. I want to take up a JOB after masters and do NOT wish to pursue PhD. 
My questions are as follows:
1. Which school is considered better for graduate engineering studies, particularly Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science?
2. Which school would be better in terms of job prospects? ease of securing a job/ statistically better job placements?
3. USnews ranks UVA at 39 and NYU-poly at 47 in computer engineering program. Does ranking mean much in making a decision, particularly in this case where the difference isnt that high?
My questions basically boil down to whats a better choice in terms of quality of education+wealth and ease of jobs at the time of graduation?? 
I would appreciate all the info and help you could provide on this topic.
Thank you! 
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