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How long does it take


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once your application is sent to the department for review? 


I submitted my app for a Master of Arts in Teaching two weeks ago and my file was complete within one day. I received an email yesterday that my application has been sent to the department with which I am applying for review and an admissions decision. Any ideas on how long I should plan to wait for a decision either way? There is no interview with this school. 

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Depends on the program, check the results search for the usual time that department does their accepts and rejects.


I applied to all of my schools in October-November and notifications went out from March 1st all the way to still waiting for UMN-TC.

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For one school, it took the department a while. I submitted my application on February 28th and the department decided on the 8th of this month. Now, it moves forward to the overall "graduate school" for a decision. -_-

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