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MS CS in NY - Columbia or NYU?


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I will start a MS CS this Fall and as I would love to live in NY my choice is now between Columbia and NYU.

The focus for my MS is in Machine Learning / Data Science and possibly Bioinformatics applications.


Both programs seem strong to me, I think that NYU's Courant Institute might have an advantage because of their strength in applied mathematics?


I will be funded by a Fulbright Scholarship, and NYU has a program called 'Tuition Incentive Program', which offers to double every  dollar of external funding in Tuition Reduction.


SO my questions are: Do you think my assessment of teh schools' strengths is on point? If it is I should obviously go for the option that is financially better.


And does anyone have experience with the Tuition Incentive Program?


Thanks for your help,



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