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Paris-Sud vs Amherst


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Hey guys, I have two offers, and though I don't have to respond just yet, I was hoping for some advice, especially from people who know about physics.

Anyways, the big contenders on my list right now are the two options:

Masters in Physics at Université Paris-Sud, and PHD in Physics at University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Funding-wise, UMass has offered TA and stipend and all that good stuff (18k), while in France I know funding works a little differently (it's a separate procedure). I know that I was selected as one of 5 for a full ride fellowship (10k euro), however as of this moment I don't know if I will be selected for that or the other scholarship I have applied to (10k euro as well).


Personally, I lean towards Paris-Sud, partially since I know that after a masters I could feasibly reapply in the US or the UK or wherever else, but I was hoping to get some opinions on this. (Unsure if I should post this in the decisions threads?)


Ranking-wise, I know Paris-Sud is far superior in the field. Via ARWU it's 20th, while Amherst is ~40. Additionally Amherst is something like 50-75 at best in other rankings, if it is even on there at all. Paris-Sud is best in France and top 5ish in physics in europe.


There are a few other reasons for picking PSUD based on interests and whatnot, but I'm a little hesitant due to financially it not being a totally secure deal.


Thoughts? Decent-yet-paid Amherst, or Better-yet-maybe-unpaid PSUD?

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