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GPA slightly below the minimum GPA of 3.0 to graduate

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I tried looking everywhere and even tried going around the internet to find articles about the struggles I'm facing now. As of right now, my GPA in grad school is around 2.8 and right now I'm taking two courses to make up some mistakes I made with lower than subpar grades in some of my classes. Currently I got around a 93% in my toxicology class midterm, but unfortunately got a 68% in my surface water hydrology midterm. I'm confident I can pull off an A if I keep working hard enough in my toxicology class, but the only thing I can hope for in my other class is at highest a B+ if I get A's on my class project and final exam, but my grad advisor told me that I need an A in both classes to graduate, but I don't see myself getting that this semester, but will be a big improvement form the past couple of semesters. 


After this semester, it will be 3 years, but feel as though I should take another semester to improve my grade. Can someone give me advice in this matter? I'm very frustrated and the fact that I need to improve my GPA makes me less motivated about academia. I have landed a couple of internships due to my work experience, but feel as though that grad school is starting to become and annoyance. I definitely don't want to quit because "I'm so close to the finish line" and feel once I have that MS degree, life will definitely be more positive and less stressful especially for finding jobs. I would greatly appreciate your help and I'm determined to turn things around . Thanks.

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I think you know what you need to do.  Your penultimate sentence says it all.  

With that said, I hear what you're saying about the annoyance of grad school.  I'm staying an extra semester to finish up my research.  As recently as last week, I wanted to drop out.  Sometimes my project makes me sooo frustrated.  BUT, this week things are going well.  I snapped out of "I-wanna-drop-out" mode and think I'll finish my research in about 2 weeks.  You're almost there.  Who cares if you have to stay an extra semester??  

Yeah, grad school can be a pain, but it's really a no-brainer for the long term.  

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