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(Biostatistics) MPH@SUNY buffalo VS. MS@umass amherst

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I have trouble in deciding which school to choose.


Let me explain some of my situation. My BS degree is in Food Science. So I really are not so familiar with biostatistics program.


It is relieving to know that they didn't set a deadline for me to accept the ad.  


SUNY Buffalo

Pros: Biostatistics ranking is higher, already assign an adviser for me (and this professor work on statistical genetics/children/women health research which sounds like my interest)'

Cons: the weather must be really cold in the winter, and the location (Buffalo) doesn't seem to be an easy place to find an internship while studying.


Umass Amherst

Pros: overall ranking is higher, most of their faculty graduates from Harvard (I know it is not so scientific to judge the quality of faculty by where they graduated from)

Cons: I didn't find too much information about the department because it was founded in 2014. although in the website they claim to have this major for like 40 years. I found my admission in the website and still waiting for the admission letter from the department. I guess I may need to find an adviser myself then.


One other thing that I am struggling about is MPH vs. MS.

I am an international student and would like to find a job in US after I graduate for few years before I go back to my country. 

So, can anyone give some suggestion? What would you choose if you were me?

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