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Confused about funding


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Second post in a row, sorry! I'm new here and full of questions.  :)


I have applied to an Early Childhood M.A.T. program. State school, but fantastic program from everything I've heard. 


Anyhow, should I be expecting (if I am accepted) some sort of funding/tuition waiver? The program requires that I be working full time in the classroom (which I will be), so no TAing or work study will be coming for sure. I just figured I would be expected to pay all of the tuition myself (minus a possible TEACH grant), but, after reading through these forums, that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone. 


Anyone have any clarification? Thanks! 

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Funding differs per institution, per department, per student, per admissions offer. The only way for you to know is to check with the department after you are are accepted, if you don't have funding attached to your admissions letter. The best thing you can do know is to talk to current students who are in a similar position of working full-time and see if they have any type of funding to help with tuition. I'm not sure about a MAT, but generally funding is less common for Masters degrees, as departments prioritize PhD students, who will be around for longer, likely to be teaching the subject at a college level or conducting research, and thus would benefit from TAships or RAships.

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