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TUHH International Production Management


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Hi everyone,

I'm new in this forum and I'd like to ask something.

I've been admitted to TUHH International Production Management like 20 days ago. I got my letter of acceptance and everything. In the letter it says I need to decide whether I accept the space they offered me until 31st July 2015 and I need to do that in the online system.

When I check the online system, under the "acceptance of admission" part, it says "we regret you have not decided on TUHH and you did not accept the place of study on the due date respectively."

I sent an email about this but I have gotten no reply so far.

Is there anyone who has the same problem or an idea what is going on?

I'm not suppose to miss the deadline with respect to that letter. Cause it says I've time untill 31st July.

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I have an admit for Msc in "Mechanical Engineering and Management" at TUHH as well and this is supposed to be the new program at TUHH instead of the International Production Management program. I am wondering did it work out for you? If yes how you finding TUHH??

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