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When Can I Bug the Admissions??


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Helpppppp! I applied to Tulane's MPH and they received my application March 17. I got an email from the department within the MPH I applied to 10 days ago saying they got my application and it was being reviewed. When I applied to Pitt, I got a decision in 9 days...is it too early to call and ask about my application's status...? I don't even know what you say on these phone calls. HELP.

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10 days simply isn't that long. Keep in mind that we are just coming off Easter and Spring Break (which Tulane observes simultaneously) Review committees have research, class, and life commitments outside the review process. They'll contact you when they have a decision. You likely gain nothing by asking prematurely, but you do stand a chance to irritate those people reviewing your submission...



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I also have this question, but my situation is a lot different.  My application was completed well before the deadline in January, and a month ago on this coming tuesday I recieved an email saying that my application was finally under review. It has been over 4 months, and I am feeling like my chances are very low at this point.  Is it appropriate to contact admissions?

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