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Rejected PhD IBMG, IUPUI now pursuing MS immuno (Fall 2015) there in hope to get Phd there after completion of MS.


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Hello everyone,


I applied into PhD at IBMG- Indianapolis and got rejected. My husband would be joining a private hospital there as a doctor so I dont want to move out of Indianapolis.I also applied into MS micro-Immuno, MS Biochem, MS Bio at IUPUI and got accepted into all 3 of them. I have undergrad in Biotech with 3.9 GPA and MS Biotech from England with 2 years of research exp but no research papers.I am accepting MS micro-Immuno(research based program) offer there only with intention of doing PhD IBMG after after MS.I hope that if I perfom well in MS I wud get preference as Indiana grad student for PhD.


1)Do u think it is the right decision that I am making?


2)My GRE acore is Q-152 V-152, AWA 3.5.Do i need to rewrite GRE for PhD IBMG being Indiana student? Can IBMG make exceptions fr GRE score if my MS Prof supports my application.?


Kindly guide. I would be very thankful.

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